Win Over Your Guests with these Winter Centerpieces

By November 7, 2019

With Halloween behind us, it’s time to start planning holiday events. While bright colors and flowers may not be in season, that doesn’t mean you can’t have stunning centerpieces at each table. Turn the Showroom at MEET Las Vegas into a Winter Wonderland or host a classy Christmas party in our second-floor ballroom. Here are a few centerpiece ideas for your Winter event:

1. Winter tree

Give your event an elegant rustic look by placing a simple white tree in the middle of each table.

2. Floating greenery

Image via August and May Design

Using greenery is the perfect way to create a classic woodsy look at your winter event. Place the greenery in a jar to create floating greenery.

3. Candles and cranberries

Image via

Nothing says winter like cranberries! Use candles and cranberries to create a cozy feel at your next event.

4. Candy cane jar

Image via

Cover a traditional flower vase in candy canes for a festive addition to your tables.

Have you created a unique centerpiece for your Winter event? Comment below and let us know what you did!