Why Your Next Conference Needs a Mobile App

By July 1, 2019

It’s something that’s happening at more and more conferences these days. You sit down at the opening session of a conference and hear, “Welcome to the 2019 conference! Be sure to download our mobile app!” Is having a conference-specific app really worth it? This is why you NEED to have an app for your next conference:

  1. Users feel more connected

Mobile apps have so many innovative ways to keep conference goers engaged and connected. During conference sessions, a mobile app can be used for live polling, surveys, and even quick games. There can even be a feature to network with other app users!

  1. Users are more organized

There is the potential to have everything a conference attendee may need right at their fingertips through a conference app. The mobile app can include schedules, handouts, speaker bios, maps, and many more resources that a user may need.

  1. Users are more likely to be on-time

With the schedule right in front of them, users will know when and where their next session is taking place. There’s no excuse to be late anymore!

  1. Users feel exclusive

Consider giving conference attendees a discount on merchandise or some other incentive that’s only available through the app. That way, other attendees will see this and want to download the app too.

  1. Users will want to come back for more

With the successful launch of your conference mobile app providing an enhanced conference experience, attendees will leave saying, “I can’t wait for next year!”

Have you attended a conference that had a mobile app? Comment below and let us know the most popular features your attendees loved!

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