Why Your Business Should Have a Google + Page

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Your business probably already has a Twitter account and a Facebook page, maybe even Pinterest. With all those social networks working to create brand awareness and gain new customers for your business, you may think you don’t need a Google + page. However, adding a Google + page to your social networking campaign has many benefits:

  1. Search engine optimization. Optimizing your Google+ page increases your chance to dominate the first page of your brand’s search engine results. Recently Google incorporated Search + your World algorithm, which gives Google + results more weight with search results, and ensures the social network’s impact can’t be ignored. 
  2. Connect with new customers. Google + pages give you the opportunity to connect with new users and entire groups of people who might not otherwise have found you. Not everyone who uses Google + is going to use Facebook and Twitter. 
  3. Connect with your clients through video. Google + Hangouts “On-Air” feature lets you live broadcast to an unlimited audience. Once the on-air hangout is completed, it automatically becomes a draft recorded video in your YouTube account where you can edit it, publish it on your YouTube channel and then share it.
What’s one way you use Google + Pages for your business?

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