Using Event Tech to Engage Attendees

By February 19, 2015 TAGS:    ,   ,   
Getting attendees to interact at any event is almost a fine art. They’re inundated with tons of information, and might experience technology overload as well. So how can you successfully engage your attendees with event tech and avoid overload?
The Boomset Blog has four great event tech ideas to help keep attendees engaged and avoid overload. These include:
  • Let them use their own technology to their advantage. Encourage them to take photos and videos using their own cell phones and cameras, and post them to a social media wall.
  • Make data easily accessible. Set up a Bluetooth signal attendees can connect to in order to access information quick and easy while on the go.

These are just a couple of ideas to leverage event tech to engage attendees. What are some ideas that have helped you successfully engage event attendees?

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