Use Tech to Make Events More Digital and Interactive

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Event planning and event expectations are quickly changing thanks to advances in technology that are happening at a rapid pace. Attendees of special events, festivals, and conferences are coming to expect a highly digital and interactive experience.

The BBC recently outlined some of the main ways to integrate technology at your next event. Our personal favorites include:

Digital Registration:Digital registration can make an event planner’s life much easier by creating a seamless tool for attendees to reserve their space at an event, receive important event info digitally, and make the travel and hotel booking process easier for attendees.
Event Apps: These days, people expect an app for everything and events are no exception. Your event app can contain great info including schedules, maps of the venue, bonus video and social media content, and much more.
Making the Experience Hands On: Allow attendees to use their internet connected devices to interact in real-time with what’s happening around them. This can include live social media engagement, live polling during an event presentation, or accessing exclusive digital content.

We want to know how has technology has improved your events. Share with us in the comment section below.

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