Use QR codes for Your Next Event

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A hot trend in marketing right now is QR codes. These barcode lookalikes allow consumers with smartphones to scan a code and easily access a useful goodie from your company. The codes can contain almost any data you want, such as a website URL, a promotional flyer, contact info, etc.

QR code generators are generally free to use. Our favorite generator is from Delivr. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate QR codes into your events:

  1.  Share contact Information: Speakers and attendees can use QR codes in their presentations or on their name bades to share their contact information. Vista print offers free online business cards that you can easily suggest to your conference attendees.
  2. Conference Handouts: Post a QR code somewhere in the meeting room of your next conference or event and participants can scan the session handout into their smart phone.
  3. Vendor Brochures: Tradeshow vendors that would like to save money and trees could print only a few copies of their brochure to put on display, and have a QR code that directs attendees to an online version of the brochure. This also helps cut back on the amount of extra material attendees have to carry around.
  4. Event Survey/Evaluation: Post the QR code to the evaluation form on the session screen and attendees can immediately provide feedback for the session they just attended.
  5. Event Promotion: post a QR code on your event brochure and share it on your social networks.


How have you incorporated QR codes at your events?

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