Up, Up, and Away

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The sky is the limit! Decorations for your next event shouldn’t just stop at the tables or the walls.  Adding aerial décor to your space can take your occasion to new heights (literally).Whether you have a lot or a little to spend, this detail can be done with any budget.  Event Manager Blog has 16 aerial décor ideas that will keep you from overlooking the ceiling.  Here are a few suggestions that we think would transform your space.

  • Aerial Entertainers– This interactive décor will be sure to steal the spotlight. There are many options from hoop artists, to trapeze walkers. Pick whatever fits best into your event theme.
  • Projection Display– If your event venue has blank ceilings, you could project designs, images, or colors to add interest and really put a unique stamp on your event. This is always a favorite option we offer for our clients-particularly during weddings.
  • Lanterns– This will transform your event space from day to night with ease. Using various sizes and colors will create whatever your desired event mood is.
  • Indoor Foliage– Hang draping foliage from the ceiling to create a garden type feel. You can even add lights around the plants to draw more attention to the planters.
  • Bunting– Budget friendly and completely customizable. These little triangles are a decor classic.

Have you been to an event where aerial décor was used? Tell us in the comments section below!


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