Understated Branding Works Best

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Looking to showcase your brand during your next corporate event? While branding is important, experts caution against over-doing it, according to an article on www.specialevents.com.

In the article, Paulette Wolf, president of Chicago’s Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment says, “a common branding mistake is ‘overexposure and saturation’ of the client logo… Over-saturating your logo is to branding the way a theme party is to creating an exciting event. It simply isn’t the most effective, interesting way to do things.”

So how should you brand your event effectively?

The article quotes Gary Levitt, vice president of Los Angeles-based Sequoia Productions, “Powerful branding can be as simple as a color choice. There are instances, mostly with private events, where the ‘brand’ is simply a color palette or design that will be incorporated into the invite and be carried throughout the elements of the event,” he explains.

So, for your next event, take a more subtle approach to your branding efforts. One great suggestion in the article is to create an event that incorporates your brand into the theme. For example, you can use your branding on the packaging of giveaways or as garnishments on dessert.

How have you incorporated your brand into an event?

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