Travel without the headaches

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Travelling the world without the hassle of security lines, bad airline food and other annoying travel concerns? You can make the dream a reality for your attendees with a destination theme for your special event.

In a recent article by Special Events magazine, Cindy Buswell, co-owner of Impact Group, Inc. noted high demand for international themes, “People love to travel and experience different cultures, cuisines and entertainment.”

If you are planning a destination theme, make it original according to Greg Jenkins, partner at Bravo Productions, “the key is to put a twist on the location and create the event in a manner that has not been done before.”

Creating a special theme for your event attendees can really leave a lasting impression. Read the entire Special Events magazine article for more tips from industry professional on incorporating destinations themes into their events!

Where would you like your attendees to go for your next event? The possibilities are endless!

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