Top Ways to Promote Events on Instagram

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Posting a quality photo on Instagram can be a game changer for a company, brand, or event. There are 700 million monthly users on the social platform, making it an optimal place to promote your special occasion. Event Brite has useful tips on how you can promote your event on Instagram.

Here are the top three pieces of advice we think will help your event get to the ‘popular’ page.

  1. Hashtag– Create a hashtag unique to your event and display it in high traffic locations around the event venue. Encourage your guests to use the hashtag when posting pictures from the event.
  2. Details– You’ll want to create that Instagram worthy scene no matter where your guests turn. Be aware of minor details that could make or break the photo.  Specifics like colors, backgrounds, patterns, and filters could all have an effect on the amount of engagement your picture gets after being posted.
  3. Repost– Reposting attendees’ photos not only gives you the same benefits of live updates, but it can also help boost your follower numbers. Recognizing your guests at your event makes for a stronger connection.

Have you hosted an event that was optimized with Instagram in mind? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our Instagram  to see how we stage our picture perfect events!igpicmeet

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