Top 10 Reasons Independent Event Venues Are Better Than Hotels

By February 15, 2011

If you’re tired of seeing the same old hotel ballroom space, try an independent event venue. You can avoid room-block requirements and other tiresome hotel hassles if you book an independent event venue. Plus, independent venues are often unique and distinctive, with dedicated staffs that are eager to meet your every need. You won’t get lost in the hotel hierarchy.

Here are MEET’s top 10 reasons to utilize an independent event venue for your next meeting or special event:

1. Attendees won’t get distracted by casinos, pools, or other events
2. You are usually the only group in the house
3. There are no union fees
4. Our preferred vendors are not mandatory
5. You can create personalized custom menus to fit your needs
6. You are not handed off to another person
7. Decisions are more easily made, due to a shorter chain of command
8. You are not just a number to our staff, you’re a person
9. Avoid hotel hierarchy: our team actually works together to achieve the same goal
10. You can brand the building your way

For your next meeting or special event, consider an independent event venue instead of a big hotel.

For details on booking your event at meet, contact MEET’s Director of Sales, Angela Roberts, [email protected].

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