Tips to Improve Meeting App Success

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When it comes to planning a meeting an app is usually a must-have item. Many attendees carry mobile devices, so it makes sense to cater to the mobile crowd. What can a planner do to help ensure the success of an event app?
MeetingsNet provided 10 tips for planners to consider to improve the app experience. They include:
  • Define what the app is supposed to accomplish. This will help determine if the app falls short in key areas of measurement.
  • Provide your attendees peace-of-mind with enhanced security. Ensure that attendee login information is properly stored to avoid mishaps.
  • Create a great technical support structure. Questions will be asked on how to use the app. Be prepared with a strategy to address all questions rather than assume everyone knows how to use the app straight away.


What other ways can planners use apps to improve the event experience?

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