Three Individual Appetizer Ideas for Your Summer Event

By May 28, 2021

Every summer event has to have food that matches the ambiance. As we adapt to the “new normal,” grazing tables and buffets at events may be a thing of the past. Here are three individual appetizer ideas for your summer event.

Deconstructed caesar salads

Image via Deborah Miller Catering

These deconstructed Caesar salads are served in champagne flutes for a unique presentation. Any clear glassware would work to recreate this dish.


Image via The Produce Moms

Everyone loves a great charcuterie board. Take all the elements of a charcuterie board and put them in individual jars to make small jarcuteries! Pair and arrange the ingredients just as you would for a larger charcuterie board.

Mini shrimp cocktails

Image via

Cold shrimp is a summertime staple. Serve shrimp and cocktail sauce in individual glasses for personal shrimp cocktail bites. Add a garnish of green onion for a pop of color.

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