Three Chocolate Desserts for National Chocolate Cake Day

By January 27, 2021

Did you know? January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day! During current times, it is essential to avoid serving dishes where your guests are sharing utensils. Here are a few individual chocolate desserts to serve at your next event.

1. Chocolate soufflé

Impress guests at your event with individual chocolate souffles. They’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside – what else could you want in a dessert?

2. Chocolate cake pops

Cake pops are a perfect individual dessert to distribute at the end of a meal. If you don’t want to serve them as dessert, wrap them individually and send them home with guests as a favor.

3. Chocolate donuts

Who says donuts have to only be served at breakfast? Pair your chocolate donuts with a warm beverage after dinner for a sweet treat. You can even look at food trucks in your area – there may be a donut truck that can serve your guests!

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