By April 22, 2019

For the event techno nerds out there, you’ve probably already geeked out over all the latest event technology advancements in digital, audio visual, and even augmented and virtual reality for 2019. You don’t need the comprehensive list of top event trends in 2019 – that’s already out there. Instead, we’re giving you the Vegas view on event tech and how to make a splash in arguably the splashiest city already out there and at, “Truly one of the most unique venues in Las Vegas.”

There is event technology that manages the behind the scenes, prepping, planning, communicating, and management and then there is the bright-lights, “Elvis at midnight marrying newly weds” event technology. We’ll focus on the use of the latest technologies with augmented and virtual reality, beacons to inform better attendee flow, options for LED video walls (available at MEET), and use of the “fifth” wall (think aerial performers) to speak to the meaningful and interactive experiences that event attendees will want to tweet home about.

Vegas-Worthy Ideas for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality lends itself to interesting ways to incorporate the event promotion, layout, and speakers while utilizing digital effects viewable while interacting with ones’ mobile screen. Sponsors can brand an overlay into one of the experiences as a level of sponsorship like seen with the College Football Playoffs and sponsor Dos Equis’ beverages or hosts can leverage smart devices to overlay graphics for greater effect like done for the display of art by Remy Martin. There is an innate desire to share these experiences being that they are individual experiences happening on a mobile phone, so leverage a hashtag and encourage social sharing. Vegas tends to be the land of the extreme, so splurge and surprise guests with smart uses of AR that weaves delight into the ordinary.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality lends itself more to live 360-degree video sharing and streaming. Use VR to place attendees inside immersive experiences and situations. Implement a fully immersive experience with VR for product demonstrations as a sales opportunity. With virtual reality becoming more accessible (and less expensive) you can get creative with the use of VR to place the attendee inside the world of the aforementioned aerial performer; for example. Venturing to Vegas for a big event could lend itself to leveraging the famous Elvis skydive by placing the attendee in Elvis’ shoes or showcasing a grand tour over the more than 160 sparkling high-rises across the city. Gimmicky Vegas themes aside, you can bet that Sin City is leveraging VR at the big ShopTalk and Consumer Electronic Events with the latest and greatest features to showcase. Finally, for more practical uses, VR can breathe life into training opportunities for big events where professionals converge under one roof to explore advancements in their field, for example.  

Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial Intelligence or AI, has been the hype for some time, but only more recently has it shown signs of truly being applicable in the event planning space. Use AI to leverage data on your attendees to create personalized experiences live and on-site. Use the data you know to feed user flows that catch frequently asked questions in smart chatbot windows operating 24/7 to intelligently guide unique customer experiences and even make attendee-specific recommendations. Attendees in Vegas may have varying interests while in town. From snagging a Britney Spears show, to warming a seat at the Blackjack table, AI allows you to leverage persona data and even interpretations from social media interactions to intelligently slide in side excursions to registrants, recommendations on people to meet, or products to check out while in Vegas at your event.

A Better Use of Beacons and RFID Chips


Beacons while more ubiquitous to enhance the guest experience, are still a strategic choice to make. They personalize the event and inform event layout and attendee flow. Using a beacon allows a signal to be emitted to a smart device or the event app and is configured to share relevant info to the recipient in the moment as they are navigating your event space. Beacons can be used to alert attendees of a keynote starting in 5-minutes as they walk by the conference room. Where AR can overlay wayfinding in a big event space on a users phone, beacons can manipulate an app to automatically check off areas or exhibits the attendee has explored. The seasoned event planner will want to start with the pain point the use of the technology is aiming to solve, to inform which direction to go as to not simply gamble on the latest tech with no strategic plan and lose.

RFID Wearables

RFID wireless technology, or Radio Frequency Identification, can streamline event entrance, inform event flow, collect data on which product exhibits or speakers were most sought after, and simplify payment for concessions or vendor products. Encouraging attendees to go wireless with an RFID wristband can mean implementing interactive surveys in real-time, or supplying photo-booth group shots to individuals’ hooked-up email inboxes with the tap of a wearable wristband. Need to differentiate? Incorporate a VIP tiered experience for attendees to upgrade for better customer experience, gain access to a VIP area or exhibit, or allow for the elevated gold-standard experience that’s expected when venturing to Vegas. The experience doesn’t end after the event is over, attendees may keep the experience viral by continuing to wear the wristband and sharing the hype over the experience for several weeks past the big program. For event planners, they would be on the receiving end of access to greater data to both inform future events and increase value for sponsors.

Going Beyond AV with LED Video Walls, Dramatic Lighting, and Aerial Effects

LED Video Walls  

LED video walls create show-stopping sprawling images across interlinked LED screens. They can enhance large productions with the real-time feedback display of a social media wall or create a curated intimate display of a couple’s milestone moments at their wedding. If you’re hooking up the Vegas version of the Time Square Stock Ticker to showcase attendee generated content on social media across a large interactive LED video wall, you’ll need a plan in place to get the momentum going and your attendees rushing to post their snaps, videos, and captions; becoming individual event promoters on your behalf. With anything involving social media, you’ll need a relevant and memorable hashtag. This creates the channel you can plug into to showcase event-specific posts. Plan to spur interaction using your hashtag with open-ended questions, contests, and polls to elicit continuous updates.  

Dramatic Lighting

When astronauts find their way with help of the bright lights of Vegas seen from space, we’ll take it as a given that Vegas is the brightest city in the world. The point is, something as simple as dramatic lighting design can elevate an event experience worthy of David Bowie’s Starman. Allowing lighting to take center stage or play a major role can mean creative uses of the gobo, a dark plate designed to shield a lens from light. These gobo contraptions create elaborate personalized effects showcasing sponsored logos for commercial events, and a couple’s initials for intimate affairs. Lighting can create a mood that is energizing, somber, or chic, take the place of additional decorations and reduce budget, and escalate day to night for a more formal experience with grand chandeliers and dramatic cascading hanging lights. From disco floors to laser light shows, lighting can change the feel of the entire event space and enhance music, speaker showcases, and other production elements.

Aerial Effects

On stage, the actor breaks the fourth wall and engages the audience – at MEET LV we break through the fifth wall by allowing the venue’s ceiling to play a role in the overall event design. We enlisted industry leader, UNISTRUT, to safely and effectively rig the ceiling in the main showroom to enable limitless possibilities for lighting, elaborate performances, and dramatic draping.  


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