The Sky is the Limit with Drones

By December 7, 2018

Drones have exploded in popularity since first becoming available to consumers in recent years. The high-flying, easy to use tech provides unique aerial views for users but they aren’t all fun and games. Drones have several strategic uses for event planners that you should consider including:

1-Live Streaming: Considering adding a live-streaming component to your event for virtual attendees? Give them an up-close and personal view of the event from every angle with the help of a drone.

2-Mobile Hotspot: Boost your event’s internet speed by adding a hotspot to a drone that you can distribute wherever you need it most within your venue.

3-Security: Camera equipped drones enables you to have continuous and real-time aerial monitoring of every corner of your event allowing you to immediately detect anything suspicious.

Have you used a drone in your event before? Tell us how you strategically used the aerial tech in the comments below!