The Right Way to Buffet

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Event industry professionals often have a love/hate relationship with buffets.  The set-up is easy and quick but maintaining the quality and appearance of the food seems to be an inescapable problem. Biz Bash has five tips for making your next buffet look appetizing and keeping it that way. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

  1. Vertical and Horizontal– Placing dishes both vertically and horizontally creates a visually appeasing presentation.
  2. Buffets as Décor– Most of your attendees will have their smartphones on them, which means food picture opportunities. Arrange your buffet in a way that is ‘Instagram worthy’
  3. Speedy Service– The last thing you want are ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry) guests. Speedy service is key to a buffet. Ensure your wait staff is adequately trained to handle numerous people.

What are your thoughts on buffets at events? We want to hear your experiences in the comments section below!


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