The Art of Planning Shorter Meetings

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Time is a valuable asset, especially when it comes to shorter meetings. How can an event planner make sure they keep their meetings short yet not short-change attendees on the information they really need?
The Event Planningblog recently suggested 17 tips event planners consider when organizing a shorter meeting.
A few of their suggestions include:
  • Find portions of the meeting that are primarily one-way communication to provide information.
  • Plan the core of the meeting around when the bulk of the attendees will be present.
  • To avoid mobile device interruptions, set up a charging station for attendees to leave their devices.
  • Start the meeting on time. This seems like common knowledge, but it will help avoid running over time that your clients may not have time to spare.
  • Plan to end the meeting 30 minutes before close of business.


What other tips should planners consider when organizing a shorter meeting?

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