High Tech.
MEET Low Maintenance.

MEET Las Vegas is engineered to expand the limits of your technologically complex event. We have spared no expense integrating and supporting the key elements of today’s event technologies. If you can dream it, we can do it. And make it seamless.



A/V TeleData Tieline Connectivity Plates every 10 feet on the first floor and multiple plates in every other meeting space – that way there's no unsightly and unsafe cabling across the floor space

Universal plug-and-work capability, from computer to tablets to high-definition media to DVD and beyond

Fiber optics technology wired into the building and between floors

Internet + Video

Gigabit-speed network connectivity via Cat 6a cabling connection points throughout the facility

Customizable digital signage opportunities throughout the interior space

Virtual presentations, videoconferencing, and teleconferencing through innovative multimedia webcasting



Customizable exterior wall-washing light that generates rich, uniform color and color-changing effects through Illumivision Light Wave fixtures

Unique interior lighting effects on the first floor with Martin Cyclo fixtures. The Martin Cyclo Series fixtures are located between the banks of UNISTRUTS in the ceiling grid specifically to allow the lighting to encompass the entire room by uniformly washing the space with variable color and white light

Security + Monitoring

Security + Monitoring

Fiber optic backbone between juniper switch stacks allows for maximum data transfers

Our state-of-the-art network infrastructure provides security conscious guests with peace of mind

Wireless Managers and Network Access Control includes options for all major modes of authentication and mobility without losing sight of system security

Maximum security via comprehensive and complete in-house building control

On-site IT staff ensure efficient operations and that your event is supported