Tech Talk: Instagram and Event Planning

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Instagram is the latest social media application to explode onto the scene, with roughly 90 million active usersa month. Instagram’s uploading process makes sharing across social networks a breeze. Plus, like Twitter, Instagram allows for grouping by hashtag.  With that in mind, it’s easy to imagine how this photo sharing application is perfect for events.

A great way that an event planner can use Instagram is taking behind the scenes photos to share with potential attendees during setup. By providing these exclusive pictures, an event planner can build anticipation for the event.

Because Instagram allows users to describe their photographs with hashtags, planners can also create an event specific hashtag. By creating a unique hashtag, it’s easy for attendees to access content from others at the event. It also allows planners to combine the photographic power of Instagram with Twitter messaging into one combined stream.

Instagram’s social power is something event planners should try to harness. What other social media apps should planners consider using? 

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