Survey Shows Attendees’ Top Difficulties with Trade Shows

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A new survey by GenieMobile gives event organizers a rare glimpse into the minds of attendees. The results: keep the great content, improve the communication and organization.

• Good news for event organizers as results showed exhibitors and sessions are still a key draw—Over 44 percent said they choose one show over another based on the exhibitors and 29 percent based on the sessions.

• More than 57 percent of survey takers suggested event organizers could improve their events by “making it clear who’s who among exhibitors,” suggesting that clearer communication about exhibitors could go a long way with attendees.

• Another 32 percent want more personalization, suggesting organizers should help attendees organize the event for their needs.

• What do survey takers hate the most about events? More than 57 percent named pushy sales people as their top beef, with another 30 percent saying “not finding my way around” is their biggest complaint.

Do you agree or disagree with the survey findings? What have you done to improve your events for attendees?

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