Summer Wedding Color Trends

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Summer wedding season is heating up here in Las Vegas! The Magnet Street Blog recently listed hot 2018 color palettes for brides to have the ultimate summer wedding.  Below are three color schemes we think every bride can get behind:

  1. Vogue: Silver, Ivory, Orange, Dark Gray- These color options are great if your vibe is more industrial chic. The metallic silver will complement the pop of melon orange that can be given off by floating lights or candles. Additionally, the ivory and gray can serve as neutral base colors for the reception space.
  2. Exquisite: Orchid, Hunter Green, White- This romantic color scheme will be sure to capture the attention of guests. The orchid is a soft shade that will work well with almost any color, especially white. Additionally, the hunter green color can be displayed throughout the reception as foliage.
  3. Oasis: Lime, Light Gray, Peach, Brown- Give your guests (and yourself) a little taste of a tropical oasis right at your wedding. The bright and cheery colors of peach and lime replicate vibrant island life, while the neutral colors duplicate the sand.

Do you have a bride that is using one of these color schemes? Share details of planning the celebration in the comments!

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