Successfully Engage Your Virtual Attendees

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Thanks to advances in meeting technologies, hybrid events are becoming more common. Attendees now have the option to select a virtual experience, if they can’t physically make it to the event. Because of the online environment it’s important to treat virtual attendees with similar service as if they were at the physical event.

A recent BizBash article addresses the issue of how to treat virtual attendees. A few of their tips include:
  • Recognize the virtual attendees throughout the event. This will let them know that they’re just as important as the attendees at the physical event.
  • Allow the speakers to look directly at the camera. This will give the impression that they’re speaking directly to the online audience.
  • Follow up with virtual participants after the event. Ask them what they liked, and what can improve for the next event.


There are plenty of other clever ways to engage online attendees. How do you engage yours?

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