Staying on Course: The Event Planning Checklist

By June 20, 2013 TAGS:    ,   ,   
There are many steps to ensure that an event is planned correctly. Booking rooms, gathering speakers, and creating an event app are just a few of the necessary details to deal with when planning an event. Creating an event checklist is a great way to stay on course and set deadline expectations.
One of the first items an event planning checklist should handle is setting budget expectations. Think of everything the event will need and budget accordingly. Price the items the event needs to figure out how much can go into one item or the next. During this planning phase, it will become apparent where adjustments need to take place.
Another vital step is selecting the venue. This process will involve site visits to ensure that the venue is a fit for the event. It’s important to be aware of the timing of the event when selecting a venue. Holding an event when a venue location is in peak season will increase pricing.


Creating an event planning checklist is a necessary step in executing a great event. Planning an event is a lengthy process and a checklist will help streamline and organize the details.

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