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Conference backdrops have a tendency to be dull. Captivating the audience’s attention should be a top priority for your event. The Event Manager Blog has 25 eye-catching conference stage sets and back drop ideas you should consider using.  Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Shapes Backdrop– Ditch the old, plain screen backdrop. Using geometric shapes will catch the attention of the audience.
  2. Giant Letters– Spell it out! Not only will using giant letters get your point across to attendees, but they also make for a great photo op.
  3. Live Social Media Stream– This option really gets attendees involved and communicating with each other. Placing the live stream on another screen on the stage allows attendees to see your events online activity as it happens.
  4. Graphical Optical Blackout Light– Project your company logo or sponsor logo on the wall behind you. This is an easy way to make your backdrop less plain while simultaneously giving your event sponsor fantastic exposure.
  5. Multi-Wall Projection-Capture the attention of the audience from every angle. Multiple screens aid in interactive experience.

Has your company hosted an event that uses one of these backdrop techniques? We want to hear about your stage set in the comments section below!

stageAmerican Payroll Association stage set-up at the 34th Annual Congress in Nashville, TN.

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