Spring Event Ideas are Blooming

By February 15, 2019

Spring is almost here, and if you are planning an event in the next coming months then incorporating elements of nature is what you need. Here are three suggestions to make your guests feel like spring is in the air.

  • Table placements- Utilizing florals and other greenery on your tables is the perfect way to set the tone for spring. There are many spring flowers you can choose from with a wide array of colors to match any theme. You can even add some candles around the flowers to set a romantic mood and bring out a warm color tone with your chosen florals.
  • Flower walls – Scroll through Instagram and odds are you’ll find photos from attendees at events in front of gorgeous floral walls. These walls have become increasingly popular as backdrops for events, even being used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they tied the knot. Flower walls can be designed by your local florist or by purchasing some fake flowers and DIY your own wall. No matter how you  decide to create this floral decoration it’s guaranteed  to be a hit with everyone at your next event.
  • Invitations – From the envelopes to the invitations themselves, you can always include floral designs. You can look for an invitation that will best fit your vision and style with your favorite flower or more greenery if you choose. Envelopes can also include floral designs with various lace cutouts in the shape of flowers to bring creativity and fun to your invitations. wedding.

Incorporating floral ideas at your next spring event will allow your guest to feel like spring is in the air no matter the weather.