Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2021

By December 23, 2020

It’s no secret social media is one of the best ways to promote events. We’ve compiled our social media trends to watch for in 2021 to help you optimize your engagement with attendees before, during, and after your event.

  1. Increased live streaming

Many organizations were forced to make the switch from in-person to virtual events in 2020. This led to increased use of live streaming on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. As the pandemic continues and many jurisdictions have limits on in-person events, it is expected that live streaming panels, Q&As, and other events will increase further.

  1. Continued use of stories

With the launch of Twitter’s version of stories – “Fleets” – in 2020, stories are now a part of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These are pictures and videos that are only posted to an individual or organization’s account for 24 hours before it goes away. It’s a great way to engage with your audience through polling, sharing sneak peeks of your event planning, and more.

  1. Online customer service

Long gone are the days where you have to call a company to get in touch with customer service. It’s now all about using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to get faster communication with a company to answer questions regarding their product or service.

You now have all the social media tools you need to make 2021 your best year yet. If you’re looking for an event venue that will build hype for your event and turn your vision into reality, MEET Las Vegas has you covered. Visit our website and take a virtual tour of our space today!