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Social media is a very hot topic. Who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many of the other tools to connect and engage with customers, clients and friends online? Everyone wants to capitalize on these tools for their business, but when is the best time to utilize which tool and how should you do it?

Social media basic best practice questions and more were answered by the Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella, in a recent webinar, “The Science of Timing,” by HubSpot. The useful webinar provided statistics for Twitter, Facebook, blogging and e-mail marketing, including the right time to post, how frequently to post, and many more statistically backed marketing tips.

Some of my favorite points:

  • You can retweet the same link multiple times in a day. Just change the way you present it.


  • Contrary to conventional thinking, data shows “unsubscribes” from your e-mail list don’t go up significantly with additional e-mails. And all e-mails after three keep a similar click-thru rate.


  • 11 – 5 p.m. ET is the best time to tweet for clicks.


  • Monday is the day the most people read blogs.


  • On Facebook, pages that posted every other day had the most “likes.”


To see the webinar for yourself, visit HubSpot. Good luck with your social media efforts.

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