Smartly Manage the Food and Beverage Minimum

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Providing all of the food and beverages for an event can sometimes be a struggle. Event budgets and meeting venue food and beverage minimums don’t always match, resulting in a delicate balancing act. What can an event planner do to smartly manage the food and beverage minimums?
Zentila.comhas three great tips on managing food and beverage minimums. These tips can help when an event planner is in a pickle, or wants to spend more wisely. These tips include:
  • Ask for extra incentives for going over the food and beverage minimum. Negotiate extra suites or other items into the contract if the event is already going to exceed the venue’s food and beverage minimum.
  • Discover the per-day food and beverage minimum. This will help with budgeting before entering into negotiations with the venue.


These few tips can help event planners spend their food and beverage budget more wisely.

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