Sitting Pretty

By August 23, 2018

Place cards may be small, but they can have a big impact on the overall look of your event. Don’t fall into the white-tent placement card trap that is often seen at events. Instead, the Event Manager Blog has 17 name cards for table settings to consider. Here’s our top choices:

  1. Book Pages– Cut designs out of book pages to create the name cards. Designs like leaves, animals, clouds, and other shapes can be stenciled onto the book pages and your guests’ names written on the cut-outs. Bonus: as an icebreaker, see if your guests can guess what book their name card came from!
  2. Glass – Using smooth glass shards in different colors can create a stunning effect on top of tables. Having the names etched in calligraphy can add a touch of elegance to the place settings.
  3. Marble Tiles- Marble never goes out of style! Place marble tiles on the table and write guest names on the tiles with a metallic color. The tiles can also double as a coaster for attendees to place drinks on.
  4. Tag Ties- Save money and time with this idea. This low-budget place card can be combined with the cutlery on the table, like the great example in the photo below. Choose a tag that compliments your color scheme for an added personal touch.

Let us know what creative objects you have used as name cards at your events in the comments section below.

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