Simple Spring Wedding Catering Ideas

By February 19, 2020

Spring is just around the corner and we’re ready for the flowers to bloom and the Vegas temperatures to rise. If you’re planning a wedding this spring, here are a few  spring wedding catering ideas that are simple yet make a big impression:

1. Fish

Spring is a great time for lighter meals. Stick to a lighter source of protein on the menu, such as fish, and try to avoid heaver meals such as chicken or beef.

2. Fresh vegetables

On that note, choose fresh vegetables to serve along with the meal being served. Many green vegetables are in-season during the spring, such as crunchy asparagus, broccoli, and many types of lettuce for a yummy salad.

3. Simple sweets

You can’t skip out on dessert! Refreshing, simple spring desserts include berry sherbet or a lemon vanilla cake.

4. Spring cocktails

‘Tis the season for fun spring drinks like Lemoncello, sangria, and champagne cocktails. Keep it light and refreshing, just like a spring day!

No matter what’s on the menu, the venue at MEET Las Vegas can turn your perfect spring wedding into reality AND we offer full-service catering options. Contact us today to schedule a quote or a site visit!