Selecting the Correct Event Photographer

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One of the best ways to showcase an event is through photos. Photos not only drive new business and awareness to an event, they also trigger memories about an event in an attendee’s mind. So how does an event planner select the correct photographer?
The first thing an event planner needs to consider before hiring a photographer is the budget. Depending on factors such as location and experience, pricing will vary from photographer to photographer.  There isn’t a universal pricing structure for event photographers. Finding one that fits within your budget is important.
Another critical step toward selecting the correct photographer is asking questions. These questions can include asking about their experience, references, usage rights, and if they bring any backup equipment on-site. [Full list of questions] A professional photographer will have no problem answering questions and their answers will give great insight into how they handle their work.
Selecting an event photographer can be a challenge, but finding the correct photographer can have an enormous impact on the outcome of an event.

What else do you consider when selecting an event photographer?

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