Save $$$ without Sacrificing Food & Beverage Quality

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The rising cost of food is a tough challenge facing meeting planners today. Clients want to spend their money efficiently while still maintaining a higher quality event. How can a meeting planner tackle this issue head-on?
Elitemeetings.comhas a few suggestions:


1.  Trust the Food & Beverage Director to put together a cost-conscience menu. Provide them with the budget and trust in their abilities to work within it. Don’t micro-manage an area when there is help available.
2.  Plan to use locally sourced food, and account for what’s in season.  Instead of offering a food item that’s out of season to be unique, ask the chef for their suggestions to build a menu with seasonal foods in mind. Sourcing locally produced foods will help reduce costs by avoiding large transportation fees.
3.  Think about using outdoor space to minimize decorating costs while maximizing guest impact. Using outdoor space eliminates the need to provide furnishings that turn a dull indoor space into something more appealing. The natural setting is a great way to break the monotony of indoor events.

What other ideas can help reduce F&B costs?

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