Reinventing Decorative Balloons

By January 3, 2017

Selfie balloon billboard from Old Navy event

If a client were to tell an event professional that they want balloons as a decoration, most planners would cringe with distaste since balloons have a reputation of being unoriginal and cliché. However, in recent trends balloons have become cool again. Companies like Glasshouse, Old Navy and Liberty Grand are reinterpreting the age old balloon to create new and innovative decorations and experiences for their guests.

  • Old Navy created an interactive selfie balloon billboard where attendees could post a selfie on Twitter with a specific hashtag to turn themselves into a piece of balloon art.
  • Liberty Grand hid special prizes, such as gift cards, in hundreds of balloons for attendees to pop and receive their little goody.
  • With the help of Tinsel & Twine, Glasshouses was able to have an ethereal balloon canopy installation that had party goers mesmerized.

To help you come up with some more amazing uses for balloons, BizBash has a few more ideas that aren’t boring. If you have used balloons in a new, cool way, we would love to hear about them! Share them in the comments below.

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