Quirky Science Based Tips Can Improve Your Events

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Every meeting and event planner strives to provide a unique and memorable experience to attendees that will have them talking and wanting more. The Appliance of Science: 39 Ways to Improve Your Meetings, recently published by the Meetology Group and the PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), has some unusual suggestions utilizing scientific research to help.
Our favorite offbeat suggestions:
• Meet On the Floor. Scientists have found that laying down changes our blood flow, affecting the part of the brain that improves problem solving and creativity.
• Encourage Doodling. Researchers noted a rise in the recall levels of doodlers. Providing notepads, colored pencils or markers can encourage this.
• Who Do You Love? Psychologists have found that, when we think of the ones we love, we can become more creative. Keep this in mind and ask session participants to visualize loved one to get their creative juices pumping.


Read the entire document for 39 equally quirky ideas you may want to implement at your next event!

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