Proven Strategies for Picking a Venue

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A great event planner knows that the venue you choose can make or break the success of you event. Choosing a venue can be one of the biggest and most difficult parts of the planning process. Never fear though! The folks at Planning Pod recently compiled an awesome list of tips to navigate planners through this process. Our favorites included:
1.)    Be Realistic with Head Count: Overestimating the amount of attendees leads to higher food and beverage costs and wasted resources
2.)    Get Multiple Quotes from Several Venues: Rule of thumb for this and nearly everything else in life! Always shop around to get the most bang for your buck.
3.)    Have 2-3 Date Options: Being somewhat flexible in your date can potentially encourage a venue to negotiate a better price for you if they have a specific date they want booked ASAP.


Check out the rest of the list for more great insider tips from event planners. Do you have a specific technique you always follow when selecting your venue? Share with us in the comment section below!

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