Post-Quarantine Event Swag Ideas

By July 30, 2020

If there’s one thing attendees enjoy during events, it’s free swag items! To ensure safety for all attendees, here are a few ideas for giveaways at your post-quarantine events.

1- Customized face mask

Wearing face masks can help guests feel safer when near other attendees. Consider giving away face masks as a part of your event swag! Companies like Custom Ink and Vistaprint can even put your event design on the face masks.

2- Hand sanitizer

Help attendees keep their hands clean and germ-free when you provide them their own bottle of hand sanitizer upon arrival. Keeping hands clean has  never been easier! As an added bonus, there are even many hand sanitizer options that offer customizable labels that could be used a sponsor item.

3- Travel-sized wipes

Small antibacterial wipes can be used to quickly disinfect items such as surfaces, dropped pens, and cell phones. Add these to goodie bags you provide attendees at the start of the event to help empower them to keep their space safe throughout the event.

4- Individual snacks

When the hunger strikes, make sure your guests have individually wrapped snacks to eat, like granola bars and bags of chips. This will help reduce the chance of people crowding together at buffet tables or potentially contaminating unwrapped snack options.

5- Customized bag

Attendees will need something to carry around all their various goodie items. Consider branding fanny packs or drawstring bags that attendees can use during and after your event.

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