Payroll Pros Utilize MEET’s Multimedia Center

By May 6, 2011

In April, MEET welcomed back the American Payroll Association (APA) to its third floor multimedia training center. The Association led two sessions of its Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program course, teaching students how to pay their employees accurately and on time.

Students learned the ins and outs of company payroll requirements with ease using MEET’s networked computer training rooms. The APA was even able to administer certification exams for its students, also on MEET’s third floor. Congratulations to all the students who took and passed the Certified Payroll Professional exam at MEET!

Payroll 201 is a four-day program that provides payroll professionals intensive, advanced, hands-on training on complex payroll functions and regulations.

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Payroll 201-April 11th – 14th
Instructor: Karen Salemi, CPP, FMLI

Payroll 201-April 4th – 8th
Instructor: Sarona- Lee Wilde, CPP

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