Pages Best Option for Marketing on Facebook

By February 13, 2012

Does your company use a Facebook profile to engage its online audience? If so, the profile is in danger of being shut down. According to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, using a personal Profile (a.k.a Timeline) for anything other than an individual person is a direct violation of its policies. Switching to a Facebook Page is easy and required if you plan to continue to use the social networking site.

Here are some reasons why Facebook Pages are better suited for your company’s online marketing efforts:

  1.  Publicity. When your fans “like,” comment or share your posts it shows on their Timeline and may be posted in the news feed of their friends. This adds up to a whole lot of exposure for your company.
  2. Your content is displayed in a more professional way. Having a profile for a company is confusing for your fans and you are limited in what you can do. With pages, you have the capability to create a landing page, share coupons and run contests.
  3. Measure your influence. With Facebook Pages you are granted access to Facebook Insights. This allows you to see what content receives the most interaction, which can help your company better plan its social networking messages.


Does your company still use a Facebook profile?


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