Outside of the box pop-up store

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Pop-up stores are usually used by retailers as a type of interactive billboard. The stores are generally in high-traffic areas targeting curious pedestrians, but a savvy software firm is proving that the trendy marketing idea can work for more than just retailers.

Podio, a Danish software company is renting a space in San Francisco for the next couple of weeks to launch its U.S. operations and a software platform. Instead of counting on pedestrian traffic, Podio targeted developers using its Twitter feed.

The buzz worked with about 70 developers showing up the first day. The firm extended the conversation with a “working lunch” where Podio’s developers help businesspeople build their own app.

Podi’s CEO Tommy Ahlers isn’t aware of any other software companies that have launched a pop-up store.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” says Ahlers.

According to Ahlers, the space cost about $25,000 with about 250 to 300 people having come by so far. Ahlers thinks it’s a pretty good return on investment so far.

What do you think? Is it a good investment?

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