Out with the Old, In with the New

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With one month in 2017 already behind us, it’s time to look past those resolutions that got left behind in 2016.  Forty-one percent of the population makes New Year Resolutions, but how much of that percentage actually fulfills those goals?

Nine. Percent.

Smart Meetings has some awesome New Year’s Resolutions for meeting planners, along with some tips on how to achieve them so that you you can be part of the nine percent. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Learn Something New- Continuously learning is part of the job. You can’t move forward if you’re stuck in your old ways.
  • Network Smarter- It’s all about who you know. The right connection can take your career to the next level.
  • Try Something Different- Groups love trying new things, so successful planners must keep up with the trends.

Make 2017 the year you set your event planning goals and achieve them.  And remember, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.” –Henry Ford.

Check out the rest of the tips and let us know your goals for 2017 in the comment section below.


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