New Year’s Resolution for Team Building

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Couldn’t figure out the perfect New Year’s resolution for 2016? Don’t worry, we have the perfect one for you! Host a fun team building party by celebrating a wacky holiday to fill your team with laughter and fun throughout the year. Check out this listof holidays to start your planning now.


 To help you with your year of celebrations, we have some advice to get your party started:


    ·         Fully commit to the holiday. If it is Pi day, you best be eating pie all day and calculating numbers using 3.14159265359.
    ·         Invite all your co-workers to the extravaganza to see how awesome Star Wars Day just might be.
    ·         Show everyone how cool your team building party is by sharing pictures on social media using the national holiday’s hashtag to get the day trending.
 Have any other ideas on how to throw a rocking party for a weird holiday? Share them in the comments below.

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