New Technology Enhancements for Events

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A local favorite of ours, The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has come and gone in the Sin City. MEET Las Vegas has our list of new technologies for event planners to be on the look for when booking an event venue:
  1. Want to show off your event’s theme, but utilize the newest technology? Panasonic’s Transparent TV will blend into any décor or surrounding.


  2. Attendee’s and client’s comfort is always a priority, and sitting at a desk can be strenuous on one’s hands and wrists. The KeyMouse’s Ergonomic Keyboard-Mouse will allow for a more comfortable classroom style meeting for everyone.
  3. Connecting to the internet is a must for attendees, and G.Fast’s 750 megabits per second download speeds will have all attendees amazed at your event.
Are there any new technologies you would like to see at a venue you plan to book? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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