Networking is Vital

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It seems simple enough, but networking is absolutely key to successful business. In today’s economy, people buy from people they know and trust. If you are not networking, you’re not putting yourself or your business in a position to succeed.

Networking can be tough for even the most seasoned professionals. To grow your network in the events industry, start by going to association meetings in your area like International Special Events Society (ISES), National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) or Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

You can also use online tools to expand your network. The tool I recommend most for networking is LinkedIn. Once you join, be sure to connect with me. Other great networking tools include Twitter and Facebook. Follow and network with MEET on Twitter and MEET on Facebook.

Getting your name and company out there is important. I hope these tips get you on your way to building your own network.

For additional tips, check out these networking tips from leadership experts Dale Carnegie

Good luck!

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