Microsoft Aims to Make Augmented Reality a Reality in 2015

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Tech giant, Microsoft, recently announced the launch of its newest product Hololens. Hololens would be a new piece of wearable technology (think Google Glass) that creates a series of 3D holograms for a user to interact with fully. Microsoft is touting the device as “a new medium to express creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas. “


So what could this mean for events in the future?
Hololens could potentially bring a whole new meaning to an immersive events experience. Many fun options could be available depending on your type of event. Throwing an education based user conference? The Hololens could enable users to interact directly with digital content a speaker is presenting or teaching about. Have sponsors or exhibitors at your event? The new tool could be a great way to display new products and features in a hands-on way.


Details are still emerging about the new technology but you can learn more by visiting the Hololens page on Microsoft’s website. What do you think of this new advancement in technology? Comment below and let us know if you would ever use this at one of your events.

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