Meeting Breaks that will Keep Your Attendees Engaged

By July 18, 2019

We’ve all been at conferences that offer boring breaks that only consist of using the restroom, getting a drink of water, and making awkward small talk with other attendees. If you’re planning a conference, consider some non-traditional breaks in between sessions that will keep your attendees engaged and excited during your event:

1. Dance break

Turn the music up and encourage your attendees to get off their feet and moving by having a short dance break in between sessions. Here at MEET, the lighting and layout options are completely up to the client. You could even consider hiring professional dance groups to help you get your attendees up and moving with them.

2. Mediation

For a more laid-back crowd, take your attendees’ minds off everything that’s going on and lead them in a relaxing group mediation.

3. Mini scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a friendly competition? With a large venue like MEET, a scavenger hunt is a creative option that will get your attendees’ blood pumping and keep them engaged as you get them strategically moving from location to location.

4. Fancy coffee bar

Change up your average coffee station by offering multiple types of teas, coffees, creamers, and flavors that attendees can add to their cup of joe to create a custom caffeine experience that goes above and beyond!

5. Healthy snacks

After a heavy lunch, serving healthier snacks like fruit, veggies and hummus, and dark chocolate to your guests is a smart, nutritious option that will keep them energized for the remainder of their day.

Have you ever been to a conference that had fun breaks? Let us know in the comments below!