Meet Conference Attendee Expectations

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The expectations of conference attendees has changed over time. In the past, planners didn’t have to focus as much on a personal connection. Now, it’s expected that a conference connects with its attendees by providing a fun atmosphere and information to solve their issues. How can a planner effectively achieve a personal connection with hundreds or thousands of attendees?
Midcourse Correctionstakes a look at how to build chemistry with conference attendees. They point out eight attendee expectations that can help planners build chemistry. These expectations include:
1) Personalized solutions. Attendees arrive with certain problems they want solved. They expect to gain answers to these problems at the conference they attend. Know why people are attending your conference in the first place and focus on providing them direction.
2) Time to discuss what they’ve learned. In order to really gain value from workshops, attendees need time set aside to speak with others about what they’ve learned. Allowing attendees the time to bounce ideas off each other increases the effectiveness of workshops and education.
By meeting these expectations conferences become more meaningful, memorable and fun. What other expectations should conferences be prepared to handle?

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