Making Social Media a Must

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all free marketing tools that can get prospective and registered event attendees excited about your big bash. To ensure you are getting the best use of these social media outlets, we have five tips to implement in your marketing strategies:

  1. Create contests that revolve around the event or meeting. Some of the contest you can host are photo contests, sweepstakes, video contests or photo caption contests.
  2. Create event pages through Facebook or Eventbrite. Don’t pass up the chance to double or triple your Google search engine rankings through search engine optimization.
  3. Share photos of previous year’s attendees having the time of their life. Prospective attendees will see how fun the event was last year and register ASAP.  If your event is completely new, create fun and eye-catching images that will entice prospective attendees.
  4. Pick a hashtag that can be used across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Attendees and remote watchers can follow the event conversation and interact.
  5. For those who couldn’t make it and as a fun reminder for those who did, place all the tweets, posts and photos on a Storify board.
For a little more help with your social media, Social Media Examiner has 16 more ways to use social media to promote your event. Can you think of any tips we may have left out that work for you? Share them in the comments section below.

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