Lounging Around at MEET

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Furniture can be a great catalyst for networking at your event. One of the biggest event trends in Vegas right now is lounge décor, according to Nevada Meetings + Events. With this trend you sway your guests to lounge around, chat and get to know each other.

No matter what style of furniture you choose, your arrangements can sway how your attendees interact.

At MEET we have partnered with Lounge22 (Powered by Cort), furnishing designed to give your event the intimate, relaxing, lounge atmosphere.

Lounge22 (powered by Cort) offers a wide array of interesting, unique and innovative furnishings. Their designs are groundbreaking and engineered to work specifically with MEET’s revolutionary rigging and connection points.

Another example of furniture that can make an impact is Formidables. MEET is the exclusive provider of this experiential display technology that allows for food or product displays at amazing angles. Formidables.com.

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