Lighting Effects Guaranteed to Enhance Your Event

By August 8, 2019

There are so many things to consider when you’re planning an event: the menu, theme, layout, and even the lighting! Choosing the perfect lighting can make or break your event. The good news is, the event space at MEET Las Vegas has infinite lighting options for your next wedding, meeting, or social event.

Photogenic Projections











Transform a room in a cost effective way by projecting shapes and lights onto the walls, floor, and ceiling of your event space. Guests will be wowed by projections that turn your event into something they weren’t expecting.

Simple Shadows

Think outside the box! Shadow effects can be used to reveal a surprise guest, for beautiful group and couple photos, or to create unique views around the room.

Light Up the Night

Make sure your guests take advantage of the outdoor space at your next event! String lights, funky light poles, or torches to illuminate your outdoor space and help support the theme and mood of your event.

Creative Centerpieces

No one wants to eat a meal in the dark! Strategically use table space to bring more light to the area where guests will be eating and socializing.

Calming Candles

Create a peaceful, romantic look (and mood) by placing a floating candle on top of a vase filled with  water for an elegant walk down the aisle.